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I've wanted to write something about the recent supreme court decisions. To be honest, I'm not comfortable with most any of them.

1) Eminent Domain. Private owned buildings being demolished by someone who doesn't own them directed by the state? Does anyone know what the standard the court devised on this one? And is it also true that they returned possible legislative relief to the states?

2) Ten Commandments. As a guide to proper behavior, they work really well for me. If presented AS SUCH, that's a good thing. Presented as "Judeo Christian religion is teh coolies, and everyone else is going to hell...including those pesky yids", not so much. This I understand. THEN. SAY. THAT. Two decisions saying...well, sort of, anyways, the opposite thing? Not good. It confuses the issue for the layman, not that the layman reads supreme court decisions, but still, people should be able to grasp this, don't you think?

3) File sharing. I actually want to hear your opinions on this one. Me? I like to sample music, get a sense of whether I want the record, and then buy it. Maybe I'm rare, but I like that I can download some tracks and THEN figure out if I want it. With the loss of the single, more or less, the record companies are forcing us to buy ten shitty songs to get the two we want, at a premium generally. ($16 at big stores, maybe a couple of bucks less, and less than that at best buy and such...but I'm not finding the Dirtbombs there, kids)

4) Judith Miller of the New York Times being forced to "give up" the name of her anonymous contact. Honestly? If I find out who gave up Valerie Plame as a covert operative for the CIA, i would want that person tried for treason. They endangered the life of Plame and anyone who worked for her anywhere else. That's wrong. but then, I'm rather opinionated on that, too.


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