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Birthdate:Nov 13
Location:New York, United States of America
I'm a guy. I've removed myself from my ancestral estates to a pied a terre elsewhere in my fair borough. I work hard. I write a lot. I read more than that. I love music more than air, food, and life itself. Bill Hicks is a man who died before his time. I rant and rave, but mostly in my head. I like my harmonica and how it lets me speak to people. I own a guitar. Black. I am a cat person. My brother is my best friend.

Sunsets and Sunrises turn me on. Oh.





Read to me about chaucer, chaos theory, music history, or art, and I might do something inadvisable.

I wish I lived in Detroit some days. The Strokes do not live in Detroit, Mick Collins, Jason Stollsteimer, and DJ Assault do.

"And if I was a word would my letters number a hundred or more likely a guttural one syllable anglo saxon...."

I love Warren Zevon. The fact that he made music I like when there was a raft of musical crap coming out of major labels in the 70's pleases me.

I hate James Taylor. It is next to impossible to move me on this one. It would be fun to try, but you'd lose.

My life is a Samuel L Bronkowitz production.

I'm a teacher.

I will post things I've written myself here. Don't get too excited, I'm a rank amateur.

avocado jungle of death is love
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my pet!

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