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Trying to get back into the writing every day thing. Gonna try and make this day one.

Rosh Hashanah was yesterday. I see the same folks at shul every year, it's like a reunion. I didn't promise to call anyone like I generally seem to; I have enough trouble keeping in touch with the people I do. Some of them are folks I went to hebrew school with back in the day. Some of them are just people I know from shul, all these years. They're really nice. I don't perceive anything but welcoming energy from them. That, and I'm there with my brother. I'm always welcome when I'm with Jeff. By no means am I not welcome when I'm by myself; they like seeing me! Jeff makes it special, though.

Dinner with the family was fuckin' spectacular. You put my cousins and I in a room, and add wine. Splosive! They are good people, and I love them so much. We're trying to figure out more ways to see one another. We have had personal issues in the past, but we seem to have gotten past them. At least the folks at my age cohort in the family. Honestly, there's not much in the way of "black sheep" in my family, these days. It's funny. There were times in my life when I couldn't stand parts of my family, and they didn't like me at all either. All that seems to have evaporated. Maybe it's because we've seen some death in our family. It seems to evaporate a lot of the stupid crap and make you realize how important it is to shut the fuck up and love your family.



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