Apr. 26th, 2009

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Friday, I had been planning ot go and see Jeff perform at the Old First Church in the Slope. It was a short show, but really awesome, because Holly got to see Jeff perform for the first time, and my friend P came, and then the entire [livejournal.com profile] ntang clan came to support as well! I'd been telling them about Jeff's stuff for years, and it was great that they had time to come out and see him go. Most of his stuff is in the Slope or close by, and I try (fucked it this time) to post details when I get them. Oh wellz.

Saturday. I've not had days like this for a while. Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep past 7:30 or so. Holly and I hit Target and it will not be the same for a while. Rebuilding will cost billions. They may need a bailout, even! After that, we lazed around a bit, then I ended up at Sycamore with [livejournal.com profile] redstapler and [livejournal.com profile] offbalance. Gin tastes better in the sun. It's science. On my way home, Heaf texted. Derby? With some degree of negotiations, I met P and Heaf uptown at Hunter. Was a good match, even though Queens got whooped like whoa. Gonna write about that; I think GGRD is in for some major competitive changes over last year. After the match, I ventured down to the east village to go and see a band called The Mixxtape. Backstory: I worked at a sleepaway camp for years in the 90's. One of my campers is the bassist for this band. They were pretty good! I'm not much for a hippy dippy jam band, but this was tuneful and the songs were fun. After that, I traversed to Shenanigans and hung out for a little while. Sang Big Balls, by AC/DC. Brings the house down every time. Still sad that Take The Skinheads Bowling didn't, though. Came home, passed out, woke up about forty minutes ago. LOVE IT.



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